New Beginnings

Historically, September has always been a month of new beginnings for me, especially academically. September was when I started the new school year, it was when I moved from summer dresses to light cardigans and coats. September is the month I harvest the last of my fruits and vegetables from my garden. So, this September has also been a month that has brought positive change.

On Friday, I said goodbye to colleagues that I have worked with for the last 3 years. It was a bittersweet moment as although I was excited for my new opportunity, I was also apprehensive about leaving such a familiar place (with only a 15 minutes’ walk from my house). It was a place where I met some of the best and worst people, where I was told the most shocking revelations from my colleagues personal lives, where I booked fake meetings so that I can show my holiday pics to colleagues. It was a place where I, along with a comrade, presented to over 250 people on the wonderful black women that contributed to British society. It was a place where I got paid enough to go on multiple holidays a year. It was a place filled with socials, drinks, birthdays and team lunches. It was a place where people often forgot to flush the toilet (especially on the 2nd floor), where tea breaks always required 2 or more people, and aimless walks to Sainos was a group activity. It was a place with office crushes, but very few office romances, a place filled with so much laughter and so many wonderful people.

You’re probably wondering, why I would leave a place like that? I’m leaving because Academia has beckoned me back. Later this month, I will be starting my PhD in African Literature. I am so excited to be back in academia, to be fully immersed in something that I love and to become an expert on it. I am also very excited to get a Dr. before my name.

So here’s to new beginnings and to chasing dreams.

Thank you for reading.

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