I recently signed up to Krio language lessons. For those of you who do not know what Krio is, it is a language spoken in Sierra Leone. The Krio language originated from Creole in the 18th century, when freed slaves were could return to Africa to a place called Freetown (capital of Sierra Leone). Since then, the language has been adapted and transformed into what it is today. Sierra Leonian Krio is not only an amalgamation of English, French and Portuguese, but also includes some of the tribal languages of Sierra Leone such as Mende and Temne.

Although I am a proficient (if not fluent) speaker of the language, I have zero knowledge of how to write and read in Krio. Learning to understand my mother tongue in the written format has been an absolute pleasure. Although I was unfamiliar with the Krio alphabet, seeing it on a page has felt like a homecoming, it was as if the language was always there inside of me, waiting for a teacher to draw it out.

I am excited for next week’s lesson and I cannot wait to master the language and begin to write my very own Krio poem.

Thank you for reading.

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