And there it was I thought. I sat on the edge of the boat looking out into the place where I drowned. The place of nightmares. The place that had kept me shaking throughout the night screaming out “water!” 

It had been a great day, my third day in the beautiful Island of St Lucia. The day that I was finally going to snorkel. Snorkelling had been a huge dream of mine; one I was eager to fulfil on this trip.  

I sat on the boat in my swimming suit, looking out at the beautiful sea, eager to jump right in. I half listened as the instructors explained how to put on the gear. I was itching for the water to touch my skin, especially with the burning heat. With instructions finally over, he called us off the boat, down the stairs, one by one, into the sea. As my legs slowly touched the water, my excitement reached a new high. I could literally feel the warm Caribbean Sea on my body. I let go of the railing and charged into the water.  

The instructor guided us closer to the beach and explained the types of sea creatures that we might see. He finally set us free, and I plunged my face into the water, breathing easily through the snorkelling mask. We spent hours exploring the sea, with the occasional moments of sea water entering my nostrils. It had been one of the most fun things I had done in a long time and I could not wait to do it again. We got on the boat, ate our lunch, and headed back to the bay, before taking the coach back home.  

At the hotel I could not stop reminiscing about the adventure that we had just had. It was the day that I’d taken the least pictures but had the most fun. Exhausted, I showered to remove the saltwater off my skin and sought a quick nap before dinner. I closed my eyes and began to dream. 

I was back in the ocean, snorkelling gear on and the beautiful sea all around. I felt the excitement of being back to what was now my new favourite place. I began to swim further away from the group, chasing a little black and ywllow stripped fish in the sea. I lifted my head up from the sea, and realised that I had been so immersed in the chase that I had gotten quiet far from the group. It was not miles away, but at least 3 minutes swimming distance away. I heard a voice in the sea, one whispering what sounded like my name. I wanted to make sure it was I that was being addressed. I stuck my head back into the ocean, and could hear the whispers, deep in the ocean. I began to swim towards the noise, hearing multiple voices now. I kept swimming until I needed air, I looked up towards the sky only to notice the distance between myself and the surface of the water. I tried to go back up, only to find that I was being pulled down. I looked to see what it was, but there was no one there, and yet I felt the hand pulling me further in. I continued to struggle until I finally screamed out “water”. 

That night I made a vow not to touch the sea for the rest of my trip.  

The following morning, with the dream still plaguing my thoughts, I reluctantly went on another boat tour. This included a sulphur bath, waterfall, planation tour and a great lunch. I enjoyed my time on the tour and the Catamaran and by midday I had completely forgotten the dream. As the boat took us home, the captain suggested stopping off for 30 minutes of snorkelling. He took us to the exact same place that we had snorkelled the previous day.  

And there it was I thought. I sat on the edge of the boat looking out into the place where I drowned. The place of nightmares. The place that had kept me shaking throughout the night screaming out “water!” 

To find out more about my St Lucian trip earlier this year, including photographs:

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