What’s in a name

As my alarm went off to remind me to write my poem for the day, I realised that I had nothing to write about, no inspiration at all. So I turned to Netflix as you do when procrastinating and chose to try again later. 20 minutes into the show BlackAF, one of the characters said the full name of another character and a light switched on in my mind. I paused the show, grabbed my notebook and pen and began writing.

What’s in a name you ask

Oh but my whole being

What’s in a name you say

The history of those that came before

The struggles of my ancestors

The positioning of my tribe

What’s in a name you wonder

My truth that follows me

The community I often forget

The family I take for granted

What’s in your name you say

The drums that bang in celebration

Of identity identified

And culture realised

That’s in my name I say.

Thank you for reading.

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