Photograph Poem

As I was re-reading some of my old poems, I stumbled upon one that was based on a photograph. I enjoyed the poem so much, that I thought I’d write today’s poem based on a different photograph. Disclaimer, it was much harder than I thought.

The sunset caught my eyes at first

Its beauty a shining light on all who see

The clouds quickly evict the space

Allowing the sun to extend its rays

The hills stood tall, stopping the sun in its track

The lake, nature’s very own mirror

Reflecting the magnificence of all that is above

And soon my gaze moved to her

Dressed in denim and trainers

Her faced botoxed with the look of epiphany  

She perched herself on the glass decking

With a glass full of wine in hand

Her attempt at causality overwhelmed with forced elegance

I took a deep breath to process it all

The beauty that we experience

Some made by man

And some made by God.

Thank you for reading.

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