I Hate Elle Woods


I had already written my blog post for today, which was about food (my true love). This will now be postponed to next week. However, I have just re-watched Legally Blonde (for the 3rd time) and I have to say I now hate the movie with a passion (after years of loving it) and thought it warranted a blog post.

Firstly, Elle Woods is the most selfish character in the whole movie. I absolutely dislike her and her “better than thou” attitude towards the other characters. She judges everyone and even at one point states that she does not trust the statement of a character because of the colour of her hair, and then has the nerve to moan about others treating her badly because she’s blonde. She shows up to her first lecture in Harvard Law School with no preparation or background reading, and instead brings a mini notepad that can barely fit an hour’s worth of notes and then complains that she was kicked out for lack of prepardness. She actively tries to destroy Warner and Vivian’s relationship as if she owns him. If the roles were reversed and Warner ruthlessly stalks her to law school despite her being engaged to someone else, every feminist worth two cents would be up in arms ready to fight for Elle.

Secondly, the whole premise of the movie is blonde equals good and brunette equals bad, at least in the case of women. All the women that the audience are supposed to root for are blonde women, and we are made to dislike the brunette ones and assume they are bad people. The lack of depth and character development is appalling and also zero diversity in casting, none of this is Elle’s fault, but still contribute to a terrible movie.

To be clear, I am not holding Elle accountable to today’s standards, I am making her responsible for her reckless behaviour in a “feel good” movie which did not make me feel good. I vow never to watch this film again. I was told that all films from the early 2010s are problematic, I disagree with that profoundly. Salt is one of my favourite films of all time and I watched it again just last weekend and apart from one scene that I found questionable; I did not find anything problematic. To say that because a film is made a long time ago, we should hold it to a lower standard is bullshit. I refuse to waste my time watching bullshit films about bullshit characters and bullshit storylines. I deserve better than Elle Woods.

The thing I hate the the most about this “empowering” movie is the lack of ownership taken by Elle. Nothing in the film is ever her fault, no moment of self-reflection to see what she can do differently, no ownership at all! Even the scene where she almost caused a car accident on her way to the nail shop, she does not even acknowledge or glance at the mess she caused. Furthermore, how is changing your whole life/ career choice (she obviously loves fashion) to chase after a man to Harvard Law School, and trying to steal him from his fiancé empowering? In what world is that empowering? Taking your law degree seriously does not deserve a round of applause, it’s the bare minimum expected of people who do a degree.

Thank you for reading.

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