Mental Health in Isolation

In the past few weeks, the only thing that seems to be on everyone’s mind is the coronavirus. Currently, the UK has not been on lockdown, but according to rumours circling about, all this might change by Friday this week or by Monday next week.

One important point that I can’t help but thing about is our mental health. With so many people already suffering from isolation and loneliness prior to the virus, how much worse will this get because of the virus. Especially with vulnerable people being told to self-isolate and limit all social interactions, this will be detrimental for their health, to be stuck inside and away from loved ones. Even with technological advances such as phones, and facetime, it is not the same as face to face human contact. And what happens to those who have no one to call? Is there a helpline for them to call just to hear another human voice? Or will they be left to suffer in silence. I may not know a lot about coronavirus, but I do know that loneliness increases your risk of death by 29%, and this is without a pandemic virus looming over us. With over 2.2 million people over 75 who live alone in the UK, what measures are being put in place to ensure that they get the relevant support to combat loneliness?

It has been amazing to see the amount of people going out of their way to give care packs to vulnerable people who cannot panic buy. A lot of small businesses in the UK are taking money from their own pockets to make and deliver care packs with tissues, hand sanitisers, wipes etc. for those who need it the most. I love the fact that although some people are showing their worst self during the pandemic, there are those who are thinking of others and showing their best sides.

All this good deed has inspired me to play my part to ensure that I check up on people living alone or are in self-isolation and to provide any help that I can give.

To all my readers, I hope that you are all safe and taking the advice of medical professionals.

Thank you for reading.

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