Travelling Tips for the Best Holiday

I’ve just returned from my second holiday of the year, this time to the beautiful island of St Lucia (travel page coming soon). During my holiday, I realised that I have grown as a traveller over the last two years and I wanted to share some hints and tips that I’ve learnt.

Tip 1: Create a list of things you need to pack

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It is so easy for me to forget something when packing. So last year I created a packing list at the back of my bullet journal. This is a comprehensive list of all the things that I need on my holiday. It includes toothbrush, outfits, contact lenses, shoes etc. By having this list, I always know the essentials I need for my holiday. Items such as sunscreen and swimwear are in the optional column of the list, as I only need it when travelling to hot destinations. This list ensures that I never overpack as I know that everything I need is on the list. It also means that I can pack my luggage (for weekends away) the morning of the trip and I never forget anything.

Tip 2: Buy travel-size cosmetics

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I used to buy mini plastic bottles and transfer my normal beauty products, e.g. shower gel, cleansers etc into the mini plastic bottles. I realised that it was a waste of time and waste of plastic as I could never properly clean the bottles to reuse them, so I always had to buy new ones. Instead, I now buy travel size beauty products (used only when travelling) which are kept in a clear plastic bag (the same ones they provide at the airport). This means that when it’s time for me to pack, all I need to do is add my foundation and contact lenses into the clear plastic bag and I’m ready to go.

Tip 3: Travel wallets are a lifesaver

I love my travel wallet; I have had it for just over 2 years and it is my favourite travel essential. Especially on short trips where I can only take a backpack, having all my travel documents in one wallet makes my airport experience a breeze. I would strongly recommend getting a travel wallet, it stores your passport, ID, money, credit cards, and boarding pass.

Tip 4: Price check excursions

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Before I go on a holiday I always look on Trip Advisor and check the costs of excursions. When I arrive at my holiday I then ask the hotel how much the activities costs. If it is roughly the same as on trip advisor or cheaper, I book it through the hotel. If it is more expensive, I book it on Trip Advisor instead. The advice that people usually give is to book your activities at the destination, however this does not always work out cheaper as some destinations charge more than Trip Advisor.

Tip 5: Get a Monzo card (or other similar providers)

After my travel wallet, Monzo is my favourite travel must have. Monzo does not charge you for transactions made abroad and they usually give you the best exchange rate when you take out cash from a cash machine. I love using my Monzo because it means that I don’t need to carry a lot of cash. I only use cash at cash-only places and the rest of the time I use my Monzo card. Monzo also shows me exactly what I spent my money on and gives me a spending summary at the end of my holiday.

Tip 6: Have fun

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You’re on holiday, enjoy yourself and have fun!

Thank you for reading.

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