Day 364: Fitness Update

Today was my last fitness day of the year. Getting active in the last few months has been great. I’ve achieved my goal of running 5k and made it into a habit. Unfortunately, it was a habit that my body was against, one that caused unnatural pain to a point that it was overworking my body and I had to stop. Although I don’t miss running as I found no joy in it, I am very proud that for 3 months I went running 3 times a week. Giving up running was not hard as it meant I could participate in exercise that I actually liked, such as spin class and zumba.

The most important lessons that I learnt is that I should always listen to my body. Yes it’s good to push your body, but not to the point where you almost throw up after doing exercise. I’ve also learnt that it’s okay to suck at a class as long as I’m having fun. This is especially true for Zumba, because I have always considered myself to be a good dancer, however my body does not know how to move in my Zumba class. And I’ve learnt to accept this and laugh at myself.

Here’s to a new year of continued fitness and mindfulness.

Thank you for reading.

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