Day 363: Peace

She felt at peace, not quiet ready for the week ahead but still at peace. She wasn’t sure where or when she’d gotten this sense of peace but all she knew was that she had peace. She loved the feeling, almost an emptiness. Nothing clogging her up, no grudges, no bad feeling, no pining or lost love, no anxiety of clinging fears, nothing to block her, just peace. Like a fresh breeze flowing through within her, calling her to an even deeper peace. She loved the feeling, wished she could be like this forever, aspired to hold on to it for as long as she could, to memorise it and channel it in her most vulnerable moments. She wished she could bottle it up and impart it to all those around her, to share in her peace. The emptiness did not lead to lack but instead it was an abundance of, it was knowing that all the space is to be filled with good things, with great things. Things of better days.

Thank you for reading.

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