Day 361: Wicked

My Christmas through theatre continues as last night I went to see Wicked in the west end. I absolutely loved the show and the story as it teaches us the importance of perception. How others perceive you determines how far you can get in life. Glinda was perceived as good from the moment she got on stage and therefore got her way her whole life. All she had to do was flick her hair and people came running to her side to do her bidding. Whereas Elphaba was perceived as bad from the moment she was born, due to her green skin. She was different and disliked and it made it easier for the wizard to twist the narrative on her. The show also highlights how difficult it is to change people’s perception of you, especially when you’re different, people are quick to believe the worst.

The show was spectacular, the storyline was great, and so were the cast. Definitely a show worth seeing, one that I hope to see again.

Thank you for reading.

3 thoughts on “Day 361: Wicked

  1. I am a Wicked fan of 13 years. In the narrative, I focus so much attention on the friendship and love triangle making me fall in the trap of overlooking everything else. Elphaba, Glinda, and Fiyero are the only characters I am emotionally attached to mostly to Elphaba (of all musical characters, Elphaba is my favorite). Wicked actually sparked my love of musicals.


    1. I think like everything else in life we focus on things that are important to us, things that speak to us. You saw a friendship and love triangle, I saw perceptions and image. It is a wonderful musical and I have no doubt that I am now a life long fan of Wicked.


      1. After all, I was 12 when I first fell in love with Wicked.

        Middle school shaped the way I see the musical now- part of why a lot of attention gets placed on the love triangle and friendship. Now- while knowing about the whole discrimination, etc……- I still overlook it


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