Day 350: Time Check

Oh my gosh we’re 350 days through the year. That means only 15 days left. Only 15 days left until 2020!!!!!

I can’t believe I’ve been writing for 350 days. Has my writing gotten better? Well I guess you guys are the judge of that. Has writing become easier for me? Yes yes and yes. In fact I re-discovered my love of poetry through this blog. As well as my love for Emily Dickinson which some of you may have noticed.

350 days!! I can’t say that I remember all 350 days but I do know that the last 10 days have been pretty amazing. Not because my life has changed or I’ve won the lottery, but because my perspective has changed. I see things more clearly and honestly I love the view of my life from this angle.

Bring on the final 15 days!!

Thank you for reading.

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