Day 343: Politics

I am not one to get political. I have my views and other people have theirs and we all live happily. However, with the upcoming general elections on Thursday, everyone feels the need to vocalise their political viewpoints. Which is all good and well, freedom of speech and all, however when people start to say things that are wrong, that’s when I have to excuse myself from the conversation.

My standpoint is vote for whoever you want to vote for but at least know what they stand for. Do not vote for a party and then are overcome with shock and disbelief when you finally read their policies. Can we all please google the basic policies of the party we want to vote for so we know what we’re signing up for. Do not argue with others on things that are public knowledge about your chosen party when a simple google search could have saved you the embarrassment.

I usually alternate between two different parties depending on the policies they put forward for the specific elections. My loyalty is not to a party, but to myself and how the policies affect me and those I care about. I am not voting for a tv personality, I’m voting for policies.

Thank you for reading.

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