Day 342: Dry December

So I have embarked on a dry December, this means no alcohol for the month of December. As someone who isn’t a heavy drinker (I only drank twice in the month of November), I did not think that dry December would be the slightest bit difficult, but boy was I wrong.

I spent the first 3 days of December craving bubbles (Prosecco), I just had the urge to get some and drink it. I think it was hard for me because my body knew it was something I couldn’t have and therefore wanted it more. In all of 2019, I have drank bubbles about 6 times, so there is no reason for me to crave it because it isn’t part of my routine. It weird that I don’t crave the drinks I drink the most, white wine and rose. For some reason I have no desire to have either.

I am currently on day 9 of dry December and my bubbles craving has not stopped. I have a number of Christmas parties and birthday celebrations in the next few weeks, events where I would have had the opportunity to drink some bubbles but instead I will have to choose fizzy lemonade.

Thank you for reading.

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