Day 334: Wisdom

Basic Sunday School knowledge dictates that the wisest King that ever lived was King Solomon. Solomon was a man that, when asked by God what he wanted most in the world, did not ask for riches and fame but instead asked for wisdom. And as a result God have him all 3, riches, fame and wisdom. Solomon was the son of the mighty David who slayed the giant Goliath. So he had big shoes to fill, and asking for wisdom helped him fill those shoes.

My favourite story that shows Solomon’s wisdom is that of the two mothers.

Two women had just given birth to their sons. During the night, mother A rolled over her son and killed him. She then swapped her baby for that of Mother B. Mother B woke up and saw that the child next to her was dead and that it wasn’t hers. She accused mother A of swapping the baby and a huge fight broke out. To resolve this, the people took them to the wisest person they knew, their King Solomon. So king Solomon heard the case and said “get me a sword and I will cut the baby in half, each of you talking one half”. Of course the baby’s real mother, Mother B was horrified and told Solomon that the other woman can keep the baby as long as the baby lives. Whilst mother A was more than happy to kill the baby. Through this Solomon could see that the baby’s real mother was the one who cared about its wellbeing and gave the baby to Mother B, it’s real mother.

I love this story because I don’t know how I would have reacted if this case was brought to me. I don’t think I would have enough wisdom to resolve the issue and give the child to it’s real mother.

Feel free to comment what your wise verdict would have been in a case like this.

Thank you for reading.

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