Day 332: Black Friday

I’ve always wondered why Black Friday is called Black Friday. So today I did some brief research and found some suggestions of where the name came from.

One suggestion is that slave owners used to sell black slaves at a discount on the day after thanksgiving. And so the day became known as Black Friday.

Another suggestion is that there were football matches in Philadelphia the day after thanksgiving meaning that there were huge crowds and vehicles. The police officers who had to work long shifts trying to controlling the crowds names the day Black Friday.

The explanation that I like is that retailers were usually in the red (losses) throughout most of the year but on the day after thanksgiving, when they offered sales, they went in the black (profits) and therefore the day became known as Black Friday. Apparently some retailers didn’t like the name Black Friday and unsuccessfully tried to change it to Big Friday.

So there you go folks, different explanations for a holiday that results in people spending money. Take the explanation you like, or leave them all, either way enjoy the sales.

Thank you for reading.

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