Day 325: Medieval History

After watching The King on Netflix, my love for medieval English history was stirred, especially for the Plantagenets.

The King follows the life of young Henry V as he claims the throne he never wanted. Henry V is by far one of the most famous Plantagenet Kings of all time, along with Richard III. So in light of this I went back to the very beginning and started relearning about the very first Plantagenets. The family is filled with intrigue, betrayal, rebellions, murder and that was only the first Plantagenet King of England. There should be a Spanish Novella based on them because half of the things they do is absolutely unbelievable.

Like Shakespeare, I too am inspired by the drama of this family and will be writing short stories based on the Plantagenets, especially the women. Hopefully by the end of the year I’ll have some stories to share on my blog.

Thank you for reading.

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