Day 323: Personality Types

There is nothing I love more than a personality quiz that reveals your personality. I’ve done birth charts, personalised handwriting analysis, horoscope books, buzzfeed quizzes, Meyers Briggs personality test and so much more. I love them. I love seeing how accurate they are and whether or not I agree with them. The last test that was done for me was a birth chart that revealed my personality. It was mostly true expect for one paragraph that was the complete opposite of who I am. This is really good because out of 23 pages only half of one page is untrue.

All these personality tests tell me pretty much the same thing: I’m assertive, stubborn, extrovert, and independent. These are pretty much the underlying themes for all of them. I love them because they reinforce who I am, especially when I’m not feeling like myself, it’s great to go back and read up on who I am.

Do I believe that being born on a certain date makes you a certain type of person? No! But I do believe that they’re fun even when they’re wrong because you can clearly see who you’re not.

Thank you for reading.

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