Day 316: Fitness Update

This is my 8th week at the gym and I have to say it’s going really well. I went yesterday and had one of the best workouts ever, not because I like the gym or had a great personal trainer. But because I found the perfect song to workout to and played that on repeat and had a blast.

Here are some of the things I’ve noticed from my 8 weeks of going to the gym three times a week:

  1. I can eat more!! Since I’m burning calories that I don’t usually burn, I need my metabolism to still do its job or else it might get lazy. So every calorie I burn I make sure I eat it’s equivalent in food.
  2. My arm muscles look amazing. I caught a glimpse today in the mirror and was very impressed.
  3. My thighs and bum look so so so good. Again I’m very impressed with them.
  4. I love the Couch to 5k app. I can run for 28 minutes non-stop on the treadmill/ outside without getting out of breathe. It’s an amazing feeling especially considering that 8 weeks ago I could barely run 1 minutes without needing to drinking a whole river.
  5. I still hate going to the gym. I’m never excited for the gym, I always dread it. Whereas I crave jogging outside but can’t because it’s cold and dark and raining most of the time. I honestly hate the gym.

Thank you for reading.

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