Day 314: Mamma

So last week my mum went on her first ever holiday without the family. All of her holidays have been with dad, or me, or my brother, or all 4 of us, or with another member of our extended family, but never ever with someone outside of the family.

So last week she went on a girls trip with her friends for the first time ever! She definitely deserves a holiday, to get away from her annoying husband and kids. So I just wanted to write a post about how much I missed and adore the woman I call mamma.

Mamma you’re my smile in the morning

You wipe the tears that fall

You cover me with kisses

Your lift me up with encouragement

You fill me up with amazing food

You shower me with compliments

You raised me with respect

Mamma I love you to the moon and back!

Thank you for reading.

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