Day 312: 25 before 25

So one of my goals this year was to travel to 25 countries before turning 25 (next Feb), and I am happy to say that I have achieved this goal. I have seen 10% of the world! It’s not a lot but it’s a start and a very good start.

From the 25 counties, I’ve visited:

– 19 European countries

– 1 North American country ( including 7 states)

– 1 Asian country

– 4 African countries

Of the 25 countries I’ve visited, my top 3 are:

1) Sierra Leone

2) Belgium

3) Morocco

These were the countries were I felt at home, where I was in the sun, laughing and living my best life.

The top 3 most important things that I’ve learnt through travelling are:

1) I love comfort and luxury. I would rather be in a fancy expensive hotel than a cheap hostel any day.

2) I am braver than I think. I love being a badass and trying new things, even on my own!

3) The world is filled with amazing people and shitty people wherever you go!

Although 10% of the world is not a lot compared to the 90% that I’m yet to see, I am so excited to see the rest of the world. My new goal is to visit 40 countries before turning 30. This means I have just over 5 years to visit 15 more countries.

Thank you for reading.

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