Day 305: Money

They say “money can’t buy happiness”, this is a statement that I strongly disagree with. “Money can’t buy happiness” is one of those phrases the rich use to placate the poor.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand how the phrase can be correct in some circumstances. If you come from a toxic family that happens to be wealthy, the money won’t bring you happiness because the circumstances of the wealth are unhappy. In that scenario someone might disown their family, leave with nothing and find happiness.

However, in most cases money can buy happiness. A lot of children growing in poverty miss out on their childhood because they have to find ways to bring income to their family. Child labourers still exist despite UN interventions because the families need their children to work for them to afford a meal for the day. To those 152 million children, money will bring a lot of happiness. It will give them food, meals, education, and a roof over their heads. It will afford them a childhood.

And also for the typical working class family, more money means less shifts, less stress. It means not counting pennies, especially during the Christmas period when there is so much pressure to spend on gifts. More money means single mothers can spend less time working and more time with their children.

So like I said, I disagree with the statement that “money can’t buy happiness”. For a lot of people money can open doors that lead to happiness. It can give them opportunities they never had before.

Thank you for reading.

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