Day 300: Reflections

So it’s been 300 days since I started my blog! 300 days since the start of this year, and only 65 days left for the rest of the year.

As I’m looking at my goals and adding to the backlog of things I want to achieve, I can’t help but reflect on all the things I’ve yet to do this year. I can’t help but wonder if 65 days will be enough to achieve them. 65 days and then we’re in a new year, a new decade. Only 65 days left of the 2010s.

One of my biggest achievements this year is my blog, consistently writing for as long as I have. And even outside of my blog I have been consistently writing in my journal. Another accomplishment is writing my first paid magazine article, which I was paid handsomely for. All of which wouldn’t have happened if my blog didn’t encourage me to write everyday.

With only 65 days left, I want to complete as many goals as possible or at least have plans in place to accomplish them next year.

Thank you for reading.

One thought on “Day 300: Reflections

  1. It’s great to see you reach the 300 day milestone and to hear that your success in having a paid article! Those 300 days went by so fast1

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