Day 294: Closed Door

In Christianity we are taught that God opens doors for us. That He can open any door and that if God has opened a door for us no one can close it. The thing we don’t get taught much about is God closing doors and the importance of a closed door. 2019 has been a year of closing doors for me, a year of letting go and moving on. At times it has felt like a continuous cycle of failure and disappointment but the very few times where I had clarity I saw it for what it was. It was a blessing. It was God telling me “this isn’t what I planned for you”, and it’s an opportunity to trust that there is something better waiting for me, I just have to get through all the doors that need to be closed first. As there are 71 days left of this year, I plan to take this time to reflect and accept the closed doors, and to stop banging on them, trying to reopen them!

Thank you for reading.

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