Day 291: Weekend

Top 5 reasons why I love the weekend:

1) No work. I love the fact that I get two days to relax and unwind from my 5 days of work.

2) No alarm. As a consequence of not having work on a weekend, I get to sleep more. I get to wake up later and rest more!

3) Slower pace. I love the slow pace of the weekend. I’m never in any rush to do something or go somewhere. Everything is so much more relaxed.

4) Social life. I can actually have a social life without worrying about going to work the next day.

5) No routine. Weekends are the only time I don’t have a routine. I don’t have a designated breakfast time, I don’t eat all 3 meals on the weekend, I snack more. I’m just free to make things up as I go along, which is a privilege that I don’t get during the weekdays.

Thank you for reading.

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