Day 282: Promise to Myself

At the age of 15, I wrote myself a long letter with promises I made to my future self. Promises of things achieved and a life lived. As I am a few months away from the big 25, I thought about the promises I would make to my future 35 year old self.

1) I promise to work hard to make sure that we achieve our dreams, so that your life will be slightly easier than mine.

2) I promise to save up more, to ensure that we have something to fall back on at 35.

3) I promise to also live more, so we have amazing memories of all the things we’ve done.

4) I promise to take more chances, to make sure that there isn’t something you regret not doing.

5) I promise to take care of our body, physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. I promise to give you the rest you deserve and all the self care and love that you deserve, so that we’re in a good place at 35.

Thank you for reading.

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