Day 278: Porto

So I’ve just returned from my first ever sibling holiday to Porto and I am in love. I read somewhere that Porto wasn’t a city but a feeling, and boy oh boy do I feel it. I absolutely love Porto.

The city was stunning and sunny. Everything was walkable, the people were so lovely. There were no stares and strange looks that usually came along with being black in Europe. And the language was so beautiful that I have now decided to learn Portuguese. Porto is officially my second favourite city in Europe (with Brussels being number 1). Honestly I can’t wait to go back again.

My favourite part of the whole holiday was the food. As a sea food lover, I was so excited at the array of seafood served in Porto. For my first meal in Porto we found ourselves in a food court which had a sea food stand. They had a meal deal that included three different fishes, vegetable fried rice and a glass of champagne (really good champagne). All for €6. Food was cheap and so were the drinks! I have never spent so little to eat so much in Europe. And the wine and port were extraordinary! This is a city that I highly recommended.

As part of the wine tour we visited Gaia, which is a city just over the bridge from Porto. The tour guide explained that the only good thing to see in Gaia is the view of Porto from across the river (picture inserted further down).

This is the wine cellars were I learnt about making the four different types of port (ruby, rose, white, green). It was very informative.

This (and the picture below) is the view of Porto from Gaia.

This is the view from the castle. We didn’t actually go inside the castle as I was starving and needed food.

This is city hall, where the Porto sign is located. It was so civilised when we got there because everyone was queuing up patiently waiting for their turn to take pictures.

This is the view from the Brotherhood of Clerics church tower. It had over 200 steps, but thanks to two consecutive weeks at the gym, I didn’t feel the pain until the last ten steps.

Another thing I loved about Porto that reminded me of home (Sierra Leone) was the different tiles on the outside of the houses. They were so beautiful. I was especially obsessed with the blue ones that were on the side of churches.

We also visited the “most beautiful McDonalds in Europe”. As someone who has not eaten a McDonalds in six years, I honestly couldn’t care less. But I went anyways, and it was beautiful. It had stained glass windows, a mirror panelling for the walls. Honestly it was stunning, although I have no pictures to prove it.

In conclusion, Porto is amazing, beautiful, cheap, walkable, dirt cheap Uber rates, great views, great wine, and a wonderful feeling all in all.

Thank you for reading.

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