Day 275: Lost

We walked through the city, google maps in hands, expert navigators. Or so we thought. Our options were to take public transport, to take a taxi or to walk. I choose to walk because we had eaten a big meal and needed the exercise. The journey was not a modest one, in fact it was a 33 minutes walk up hill. We started on a low, so filled with food that we could barely follow directions. We took a few wrong turns, therefore adding more time to our already long journey. We persisted and after power walking and almost jogging, we finally made it to our destination. We were so pleased to find the road that we were meant to be on, so happy to slow down and look for the correct apartment.

After 5 minutes walking up and down the same street, I thought it was time to consult the email. I cross referenced it with our location, only to find that we were 22 minutes walk away from the right address. I was heartbroken and delirious. I could not help but laugh in the middle of the road. We decided to use public transport, which still included a 15 minutes walk (20 minutes journey in total) to get to the right address. We began our new journey, eager to get to our destination.

After what felt like an eternity, we finally reached the correct street, yet still our destination was no where in sight. My legs were weak and my body exhausted, we were lost, and there was nothing more to do than to call him.

Thank you for reading.

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