Day 272: Scrapbook

She rummaged through the boxes of old books, deciding what to keep and what to throw away. It wasn’t that any of these things were of any use, the fact that she had lived years without them was proof in itself, but it was their sentimental value that she could not let go off. She picked up a familiar book, one she had spent endless summers decorating, cutting, sticking and designing. A book that showcased all the creativity and obsessions of a twelve year old girl.

She opened the book and was overwhelmed by the amount of High School Musical cut outs that were fitted on one page. Scenes of Sharpay’s outfit filled almost an entire page. She turned to the next page and saw that it was dedicated to the man she thought she’d marry. The one and only Corbin Bleu. All the hearts surrounding his face, the love letters dedicated to just his hair. She smiled as she remembered lunch times at school gossiping with her friends over him. Over her dreams and aspirations for them to be together.

She turned another page and was met with the Olsen twins. She had been obsessed with them as a teenager. She had read all their books, watched their movies, tv shows and wished so badly that she too had a twin.

She closed the book as she realised that there was no way she could throw it away. So much of her teenage years were captured in this book, all the things that shaped the woman she was today.

Thank you for reading.

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