Day 266: Fitness

As a lazy person with great genetics, I can’t really give others advice on fitness and exercise. However I do value it’s important in my life, I am constantly joining and cancelling my gym membership on a yearly basis, and when I’m not joining or cancelling my gym membership, I’m thinking about it.

A few days ago I’ve recently rejoined the gym. And honestly I was not very excited about it, but after gaining a few pounds in the last few months (8.8lb:4kg to be exact), I thought that joining the gym was a necessity. Also I hate cardio, and I know that cardio is the best way to loose weight.

So my journey of my gym membership started yesterday, and to my surprise I enjoyed it. Maybe it’s an age thing or it’s something to do with where I’m at in my life, but I actually like the gym, and more shockingly the treadmill. I went back today and was even more euphoric. All the endorphins racing through my brain, has given me clarity and vision for my life. I don’t really know how long this euphoria will last, but I’m just focusing on making it through this week by going to the gym 3 times (and I’ve already completed 2 days). Hopefully I stay motivated through the month, but if not, it’s been a great 2 days!

Thank you for reading.

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