Day 261: Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time there was handsome prince, he went by the name Charming. Charming was named accordingly, as a boy he always charmed his way out of trouble. He knew how to use his gift to uphold his reputation. Charming would walk through the town and villages, always smiling and waving at the poor pesant, but never doing anything to alleviate their pain. The simple minded villagers loved him, all the young women aspired to be his bride. During his monthly visit to the villagers, they would wear their best dresses in hopes of catching his eye.

One day the King and Queen decided that it was time for the Prince to find a wife. They sent out an invitation to all the households in the village, hoping to find a good, kindhearted girl for their son.

The day of the ball finally arrived and a parade of beautiful young women arrived. There was one in particular that caught the eye of all the guests. Her name was Cinderella. Cinderella has snuck out of her stepmother’s house, lied to the village seamstress for her dress and hid at the back of a carriage to get to the ball. Her efforts were not wasted. You see, Cinderella had once lived a lavish life when her frivolous father was alive. She would want for nothing. Her stepmother was more prudent and had denied Ella all of her luxuries, and Ella was on a mission to gain those luxuries again.

So the moment arrived for these two selfish schemers to finally meet. They saw themselves in each others eye, mistaking it for true love. Soon the two were wed, but no happily ever after awaited them.

Thank you for reading.

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