Day 256: Write for a Cause

The cause that I’ve chosen to write about today is homelessness.

People say that we shouldn’t be given money because we’d only use it for drugs or alcohol. Because the media and propaganda has told them these lies. People say that we make more money begging than most people do in a year. As if their coppers and pennies could buy me one meal. They act like they don’t see us, looking at anything but us. As if we’re invisible, or so dirty that it hurts their sensibilities to look at us.

Yes some of us use drugs and drink, because being out here all the time is impossible. Because being ignored makes us feel so worthless that we would do anything to take away the pain. Because being here was not a choice we made, but one made for us. We don’t want to live on the streets, we don’t want to beg for money just to afford one meal a day. We would rather live in a house, a warm bed, with good food and a job. We would rather be treated as people too.

Thank you for reading.

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