Day 240: Overcrowded

Everywhere she turned there was a member of her extended family occupying the space. She just needed a few moments to herself, without the voices or the laughter, without the cooking or the food, she just wanted to sleep.

She found her parents bedroom empty and walked over to the bed. She took off her shoes and arranged the pillows for her comfort. She laid her head down, closed her eyes and was able to have peace and quiet for a whole two minutes before her uncle walked in, followed by her mum. They rolled behind them 2 suitcases and began to unpack. All over the bed.

She got up in search for a new space. She knew that there was no point checking her room but she still hoped. She opened to the door and to her surprise it was empty, she gasped with joy. As soon as the gasp left her mouth her aunty came in asking for a hair dryer. She craved the days when she had privacy and rest. Days like Monday, before all the family started arriving.

She craved a glass of wine, or tequila, anything to see her through the day. She loved her family but wished there was more space so she could close her eyes for a few moments.

Thank you for reading.

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