Day 233: Hotel

Finding the perfect hotel is a very difficult task for me. There are so many factors that contribute to my satisfaction in a hotel, this includes:

  • Location – The hotel has to be located somewhere beautiful and close to the main city or have great transport links. There’s nothing I hate more than being in the middle of nowhere (unless it’s a retreat).
  • Price – I need to get my moneys worth from a good hotel. If it’s expensive I need to see what I’m paying for. I’ve been to too many middle of the road hotels that charge a fortune for mediocrity.
  • Lobby- I love a good lobby. It’s the first thing guests see so it needs to reflect the hotel.
  • Elevator / lifts – Since this is something I use frequently in hotels, I need them to be clean and spacious.
  • Staff – I like nice and polite staff and I love great customer service. In Europe this is harder to find, whereas when I’m in Africa or Asia the customer service is usually amazing.
  • Facilities – I have never used a gym at a hotel but I do use the pool and spa. Especially on a long holiday, sometimes you want to stay in and be pampered and I like to have that option in a hotel.
  • Food – The best food I’ve ever had in a hotel was in Bali. The hotel had a breakfast buffet and I remember eating noodles for breakfast and it was the most amazing thing. I still dream of those noodles.
  • Cleanliness – I love love love clean hotels. The cleanest hotel I’ve ever been to is the Hilton. I hate when hotels fail to clean the rooms everyday. I don’t need you to change my towels everyday, but I do need you to clean the floors and empty the bins on a daily basis.

I have yet to stay in a 5 star hotel or to rate a hotel 5 stars. The closest I’ve ever gotten is Morocco, it was almost perfect apart from the food (which was good but not amazing). Everything else was just right.

Thank you for reading.

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