I was fortunate enough to spend last weekend in the beautiful city of Luxembourg, which is located in the wonderful country of Luxembourg. I was very puzzled when I first realised that both the country and the capital city had the same name, but then I thought why not?

Luxembourg is a small country situated between Germany, Belgium and France. The langage spoken in Luxembourg is French (although personally I hear a German accent). The country itself is on the richer side of Europe, as they can afford free public transport on Saturdays (which was great for me). From March 2020 all public transport will be free all the time!! So I suggest visiting next March!

Like I mentioned before, the country is small which means you can do and see everything within a day. I spent the Saturday walking around the city, barely looking up (due to the rain). So unfortunately I have no idea what the names of any of the places were. I tried was to see as much as possible before becoming too wet or tired.

Above was one of the cathedrals and below was a World War One memorial.

I attempted to climb down but I couldn’t find the path, only to realise after I’d left that it was on the other side of the bridge.

I honestly don’t know what the picture above is. I remember taking it quickly on my way to lunch as I was starving.

Overall I thought the city was beautiful, I just wished that the architecture had more French than German influence. The people were very welcoming and everyone spoke English (which meant I didn’t use any of my French).

Thank you for reading.

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