Day 225: Focus

She knew she had to keep her eye on the prize. She had to set her gaze on her goal, that was the only way she could make it out. She was restless, hungry and annoyed. She was frustrated that she had not managed to escape. She’d thought she’d be far gone by now, off to some exotic country, doing what she loved. But unfortunately that was not the hand she was dealt. Instead she continued to push forward despite her struggle, in-spite of her desperation.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, tuning out the noise of all those around her. Those with no true focus, those without priorities. She tuned out the Debby-downers and the doubters, the settlers and the nay-sayers, she blocked it all out. She opened her eyes and carried on, striving, fighting, aspiring.

Thank you for reading.

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