Day 208: Brother

Having a brother is such a blessing, there are no fights (except when we were younger and used to fight for the remote). There is no stealing each other’s clothes ( except for when I steal his shirts and hoodies). Honestly I get more from this siblingship that he does.

My favourite things about having a brother includes:

  • His calm and chilled attitude
  • His willingness to clean the whole house
  • Always fun to annoy him
  • He gives me money for no reason
  • He pays for me every time we go out to eat
  • He lends me money when I’m poor
  • We have the same taste in TV shows
  • We both hated season 8 of Game of Thrones.

I can’t really compare him to a sister as I’ve never had one, but I can say having a brother is occasionally the best.

Thank you for reading.

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