Day 205: The Lion King

I’ve always considered The Lion King a childhood favourite of mine, despite the fact that I have not watched The Lion King since I was 8 years old, until today. I’ve realised that there is a reason why I’ve never re-watched it, the trauma.

I was so excited for the remake of The Lion King and could not wait to watch it. The movie was amazing in terms of sticking to the original story, the actors and the amazing graphics. However, the trauma, which was in the original story line was horrific and I don’t understand how they can show this to children.

Simba has to watch as his father is murdered by his uncle, not fully understanding what was happening. He is told by his uncle that it was his fault and that no one would ever forgive him if they found out the truth. Scar then urges him to leave and sends hyenas after him to kill him. All this is just the first 15 minutes of the movie. Simba would have been no more than 8 years old, carrying so much guilt, loss and grief. Seriously, who thought this was appropriate for children!!? I could barely get through it as an adult.

Then there’s Simon and Pumba who raise him and teach him to forget who he is. They instil a “Hakuna Matata” philosophy, where they ignore there pasts, pretends it never happened, and go through life taking zero responsibilities for their lives.

Simba then realises who is his through the help of various minor characters, goes back to pride rock and challenges Scar for the throne. I could barely watch all violence in that scene; including a fire, and scar being eaten alive by hyenas. I was on edge through that whole scene even though I already knew the story line. I honestly don’t know how children get through this.

I’m still traumatised by it all, however I can’t wait to download the soundtrack.

Thank you for reading.

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