Day 199: Week

She loved Fridays. It was her favourite day of the week, knowing that the next day would be the weekend. She loved knowing she could sleep in the next day, go for a run, let her hair down and just relax. She loved Fridays.

This was the one day in the week that she anticipated. She knew it was dangerous to always want it to be Friday, because it meant she wasn’t living in the present, she wasn’t appreciating the other days of the week. The others weren’t so bad, Wednesdays were her second favourite. She wants associated it with a particular dish that her mum used to cook. She remembered renaming the first three days of the week after Sierra Leonian dishes. Wednesday was the dish that was rarely cooked, so she always craved it.

She loved Saturdays too but lately Saturdays have felt like another weekday. She hadn’t had a calm, stress free Saturday in months. A Saturday with no plans, no lunches or dinners, no trips, was what she was craving. A Saturday dedicated to cleaning and errands.

Thank you for reading.

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