Day 198: Interviews

So I’ve been spending the week interviewing people for my first ever magazine article. Although it’s just a local magazine, I am very excited to write the article.

The one thing I’ve learnt from interviews is that people love talking about themselves. They love sharing their experiences and knowing that someone cares enough to listen. This has awaken a whole new journalistic thirst in me that I didn’t know I had.

My article will be about growing up in my local community and how things have changed, whether for the better or worse. It was amazing hearing all the different opposing opinions, and hearing about how people used to spend their Saturday afternoon as teenagers. The one thing that made me jealous was that bus rides used to cost 1p.

I’m so excited to write it this weekend and send my finished product for publishing. I especially can’t wait to sit down and plan other projects where I get to interview people and hear their stories. Bring on the journalist hat!

Thank you for reading.

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