Day 193: Delays

I hate delays. I hate every form of delays, train, flights, work deadlines, I hate them all. If something is scheduled for a certain time, it should be done at a certain time. Measures should be put in place to ensure that delays are at a minimum.

Today was a beautiful day spent at the beach playing monopoly and uno. On my way back, my 2 hour journey turned to 4 hours. And not only was the time extended but so was my stress and anxiety. We had to change trains twice before finally getting on our original train. The worst part is no one could tell us why. Which I didn’t understand, so many delays but no reason to be found. I mean they could have made something up to put people at ease. Not knowing why gave me more anxiety because my mind wandered to the worst possible reasons.

My journey back home has definitely tested my patient levels today. And as usual, it is extremely low.

Thank you for reading.

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