Day 189: Rainbow

What’s on the other side of a rainbow you ask? Well that’s simple. It’s us, it’s them, it all of us together. That’s what’s there, waiting for us.

She was slightly excited to be making the journey, but she was not truly happy about it. She didn’t really want to go, she knew she’d be bored, that there’d be nothing to talk about, nothing new. But still she went, even if it was just to hear the latest family gossip, even if it was just to say she went.

She sat down, in the middle of the streets, on a bench, laptop out and typing away. Typical of them to show up late. But secretly she was glad to get some work done, to finish off this report now rather than later.

She looked up and there she was, the first one from the herd. She hadn’t changed a bit since the last time they saw each other. She looked exactly the same. She closed her laptop ready to socialise.

Soon they were all there, all 4 of them plus an unexpected guest. She couldn’t believe how much she was enjoying herself. The conversations flowed so easily, the laughter so natural. She was shocked by how much they had in common, how alike they were. This is why they were family.

She couldn’t believe the treasure that she had almost missed out on. This was what family was suppose to be. This was what was waiting on the other side of the beautiful and bright rainbow. Them, Us.

Thank you for reading.

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