Day 186: Beginnings and Endings

She looked at the clock, watching as the hand ticked on to the next second. She wondered what the outcome would be. She wondered if this will finally be it. She sat there patiently waiting, along with three other women who were hoping to hear the same thing.

She imagined what her life would be like, if everything worked out. She imagined the money she’d have, the holidays she’d take, and the loans she’d pay. She imagined the house she’d live in and the car she’d drive. All the new beginnings she could have, meeting new people and seeing new places.

She imagined all the doors that would be closed if she received the news she wanted. All the people she’d have to say goodbye to, the journey she’d have to take. It’d be an end to the life she currently lived. Nothing would be the same again.

The door finally opened, and there he stood, with the attention of the whole room, he announced the decision.

Thank you for reading.

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