Day 179: Heat

Today was classed as the hottest day of the year in England, with temperatures reaching 34 degrees Celsius. As a lover of sunshine and heat, I was excited for this day to come, excited to not be cold for once. Sadly, all the excitement disappeared once the heat arrived.

As someone who has a lot of family in Texas and often visits them, I forget how different heat is in the UK compared to the US. The biggest and most important difference is air con. In Texas there is air con in every shop, bakery, restaurant and household. In the UK, you’ll be lucky to work in an office with a fan, let alone air con.

With most people in Texas driving everywhere, there isn’t much time spent in the heat, only when walking from the parking lot to the store. Whereas in the UK, London especially, public transport is the norm. This means that you’ll be boiling hot on public transport with very limited air con and the overcrowding adding to the already deadly heat.

It is no joke to be out and about in London in 34 degrees heat. This is why I chose to spend the hottest day of the year in my cool room, watching Netflix and drinking cold cider.

Thank you for reading.

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