Day 177: Envy

He sat there, glaring at her from across the room, disgusted with her, as always. He was green with envy at just the mention of her name. Seeing her in person just drove his envy to hatred. He hated her. He hated the way she always smiled, always cheerful and full of life. He hated how hard she worked, like her work actually mattered, like she could make a difference. He hated the way she dressed, her outfits full with colours and patterns. Where did she think she was? This was a place of employment not a circus!

He sat there thinking up a scheme, a way to remove her from the organisation. A way to make sure she never came back. He sat there thinking and glaring, thinking and glaring, hoping his hatred would conjure up an idea. But alas it didn’t, he had no ace card up his sleeve, no power move to make. His anger increased as he thought of how powerless he was.

Thank you for reading.

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