Day 174: Wedding

This summer is officially wedding season for me. With 2 weddings already passed, I have 5 more to attend from now until November.

The main aim for my trip to Strasbourg last weekend was for the wedding of two of my friends. They are the most unconventional “wing it” people I know and I love them dearly. Being part of their special day was so amazing because I was there when they first met, and I was there when they started dating, there for the wedding dress shopping, there for the wedding and I can’t wait to be there for all the other wonderful adventures that they’ll have. So to commemorate my love for the happy couple, I thought that I should dedicate a blog post to them. This is for you Jin and Martijn (Dutch spelling).

Nothing could top the magnificent church where the wedding took place, St Paul’s Church, Jin’s favourite Church.

Jin you looked so beautiful in your dress! I know you were unsure about it because you’d changed your mind 3 times but like I said, you looked perfect!!

It was so beautiful seeing the two of you walk out of the church after making your vows up on the spot. That’s why I love you both so much, you do things your way, and you do it together.

You not only wore a dress with pockets, but you wore trainers with them. You are by far the coolest bride I’ve ever seen!

To top it all off, you both decided to get married in France and to have the reception in Germany overlooking France. What a day it was!

Thank you for reading.

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