Day 171: Tourists

I think that tourists receive a lot of hate for contributing to our economy. We roll our eyes at them when we see them in Oxford Street taking endless pictures. When in fact we should be thankful that we live in such a beautiful city that people want to stop and take endless pictures. We should all be tourists in our cities, and I plan to be one this summer.

As a Londoner, there are so many amazing things in London that I’ve never experienced because I don’t have the time. When you live somewhere, you’re usually so busy with everyday life that queuing up for 1.5 hours to go on the London Eye does not seem appealing. And I completely agree, it is not appealing. But we should still try to find the time to enjoy the London Eye, to walk across Tower Bridge, to see the sunset over Westminster and Big Ben. These are all the things I don’t really get to enjoy. Even when friends visit me, they want to see the Londoner’s London instead of going to all the tourist sites.

For me, one of my goals this summer is to do 3 tourists things I’ve never done before. This could be as simple as stopping in the middle of Oxford Street to take some pictures, or ask for directions from another human instead technology.

Here’s to a summer of tourism!

Thank you for reading.

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