Day 170: Travelling

I love travelling, I get so excited about visiting new cities, learning about new cultures, and eating new food.

The food part is definitely my favourite part of travelling. I’m already thinking about my meals for the journey ahead, what am I gonna eat for breakfast (easy: Pret Porridge). What am I having for lunch? What about dinner?

I love experiencing different cultures. Weather it’s a siesta or a new greeting, I love it all.

But I hate hate hate the travelling part. I hate the transportation required for me to get to my destination. Whether it’s a bus, train, boat or flight, I hate it all. I wish there was a way I could close my eyes, imagine my destination and then just appear there. I hate waiting for flights, being on a flight, take off and landing. I hate it all. But I love the destinations.

Thank you for reading.

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