Day 167: Choices

She held them both in her hands, her two options, wondering which one to choose. She had been waiting for this moment for over a month, waiting patiently until the time was right. She’d thought she knew the one she wanted. She’d thought that it was all very clear.

That was before 10 minutes ago. 10 minutes ago, as she walked by, with her choice in her hand, her eyes wondered, to something else. Something different from her first choice, something society would approve of, something she might truly want instead. She’d picked it up as another option, confused at what to do.

That was when she made the call, she needed help, she needed another opinion. The phone rang and the voice came through, thankful that someone else could make the choice for her. She hung up the phone and sent the pictures she had promised, and waited. She waited and waited for the desired verdict.

As she waited she knew the one she truly wanted, she knew the one she wanted to take home with her. It wasn’t a choice for someone else to make, it was hers and hers alone. After making her choice, she finally got the long awaited answer, the wrong answer. By this point she no longer cared for another opinion, she picked up her bag and walked home, with her choice. The right choice.

Thank you for reading.

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