Day 166: Fathers Day

I thought that I should dedicate today’s post to the most important man in my life, my dad. As far as fathers go, he is top of the line, and I absolutely adore him!

My dad is always there when I need him. All I have to do is call out “dad” and he’s rushing to my side to see if I need anything.

He is so much fun to be around. I do get tired of his dad jokes sometimes but I wouldn’t want to go a day without them.

He always wants to make things better for me. My dad does not know how to handle my crying and just does whatever it takes to take the tears away.

He has impeccable taste. When it comes to style and taste, I definitely take after him. We both love the finer things in life, and are willingly to spend the money for it.

To the most amazing dad I could ask for, thank you for your love, thank you for always being there, thank you for being my dad.

Thank you for reading.

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